Celebrating Bees-For-Life

Written in Spring 2011 by Alisha "Bee" Forrester Scott, CEO Beeactiv Brands

Image of bee in flower taken by Alisha Bee

      Spring has most certainly Sprung, from where I have enjoyed the turning of the seasons. Life is intriguing and promising. The fruits of Winter are useful and lovely, even if I am still working out some life details. My desire to enjoy a tasteful and unforgettable Spring 2021, is partially due to one fact. Which is: this Spring marks 10-years since I learned about bees and food supply chain issues. What I have done with my time, has both “evolved” me, and sometimes it feels that my heart has broken wide open.

      Learning about the 24,000+ types of bees on the planet, and that most of the bees you see out working are females, has bridged gaps in my own mind. From where I knew nothing of food supply, how food distribution and soil works, I am now reasonably obsessed. From when the ideas of growing food seemed near-impossible, I am now excited to be researching what it will take to start an experimental garden of my own.


      When I slow-down to realize that everything I know, is not what I think it to be, then the food supply chain and the bees’ role in our meals, becomes more squarely discernable and viewable as a top humanitarian and planetary issue.   

      In terms of food, bees are the bridge between the soil and our breakfast bowls. They fill a role that is hard for me – even after 10-years of realization about what bees “are” – to truly understand. The scope and range of tasks that bees perform during blossom pollination, takes far too long for humans to do. In my opinion, we are all very lucky that bees, moths, butterflies, bats, birds, and other pollinators are almost always working.

      About 12 of the 24,000+ types of bees sharing Mother Earth with us, are Honey bees. Most bees do not make honey. It is a strange story to tell people that most bees do not make honey. “What is the value of bees then?” is a look that I feel many people wear after learning this.

Audio Podcast: Listen to learn about bees and how I got involved with Bees Work.

      Way more interconnected than the various degrees of Kevin Bacon, bees are food and garden angels. They do nothing but work and ask us to protect their working spaces. But, we have failed them. It is a grave realization to feel, that we have all let bees down. Many people never once will see a bee. Many are scared bees will sting them 100% of the time without fail. I’ve met people who screamed that they f*ckin hated bees. (To which I replied, “Good luck with that.”) Bees are somehow related to every living organism on the planet, whether or not we realize it.

      I care about bees a ton. We are married to the bees’ survival, so is there any other choice? While the choice seems however clear, my own Spirit’s will and passion for protecting and cultivating the zests of natural wildlife, are what keeps me going. I celebrate the “Bees Work” that I’ve adopted.

Since Spring 2011, when I first learned about bees, getting involved and sharing has brought me some excellent memories, including:

  • The Berkeley CA Summertime community education work my friend and I did was momentarily featured in a made for online TV documentary that was aired Sep 20, 2012
  • Via a former Senator, I was able to gain a comment about bees by Roseanne Barr at this event on Sep 27, 2012, at Oaksterdam University in Oakland CA
  • In 2012, informally launched a community organization called Pollinator Support Movement during a music event at Golden Gate Park, and handed out stickers that this famous artist helped to design
  • During the community launch in San Francisco CA, we used a bees mural painted by this famous artist
  • Surprisingly, I was invited to collaborate and created BeeSWeek 2013 in collaboration with Lainie at Albuquerque Film & Media Experience
  • My request to teach about bees on-air locally in Albuquerque NM was granted on May 29, 2013; My old bees blog from back in 2013 is still online
  • 2014 was a travel year, and I was able to film a nighttime bees rescue in Ecuador
  • In a print magazine called Green Living (AZ), 2015 was the first year I was able to write about bees and other conservation-related topics

      I will stop there at 2015, but my “Bees Work” has continued with Wind, Bees & Earth PLLC being the professional evolution of my obsessions. Why do I care so much? How bees were able to survive two ice ages, when most other species could not, is… certainly better than any Marvel comics computer generated reality. The Original Winged Superheroines, are bees. Although movie magic has opened my mind to consider the impossible as possible, I care much more about real life magic. I want to keep the magic of Life alive for so many reasons.

      As those buying cheap food grown from big companies, we are still voting to pollute soil. Dirt that cannot grow any types of helpful seeds, is worthless. But, poisoned dirt can be turned back into soil, under the right circumstances. That is where we are at with bees and soil; we need to turn back the hands of time. Fulfilling the needs of those living life, is where the quality of our work together, really matters.

      In this world, concrete is forever, and then a seed somehow grows up to a stalk, that pushes its way through the concrete, and it lives and breeds. However seemingly impossible, Life is a force, of course. All I can do anymore, is marvel at the life around me. I am indebted to Mother Earth, more than any other energy being or living entity. 

Thank you for reading. 

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