About Beeactiv Brands

https://fabricincubator.com/fashion-business-directory/listing/rfrk8/ FABRIC Fashion Incubator Beeactiv Brands

Beeactiv Brands is currently a non-profit corporation established in Arizona since 2019. We aim to raise awareness about bees and fund restoration of their habitats, and we believe in community education about bees. This year we are merging with another owner to more quickly enact our plans. 

Our company product lines in 2022 and upcoming includes:

  • B Activ Vegan is our dba brand name and we make Crypto Gummies Variety Pack. Our parent company is Beeactiv Brands the non-profit organization. This year we have new flavors coming soon.
  • a Designer printed Tshirts line in 3 Styles called "Pair Your Devices", with thanks to our Scholarship Sponsors at the USA's premier FABRIC Fashion Incubator.
  • a trial collaboration with India's HempShoe and MAAFAA Designs to sell the coolest sustainable classic tennis shoes and sneakers styles made from Hemp we have ever seen, and
  • a range of digital online and metaverse projects in collaboration with Aircoins.io.
  • learn more about our cryptocurrency education partner, Dash. You can spend your Dash here with us to purchase Crypto Gummies Variety Pack.
  • The B Activ Vegan logo is being reviewed for Trademarking. We anticipate news of approval for this Trademark near June 2022.
  • More projects being launched in 2023 and beyond!

There are more projects in production and planning so stay tuned for more information.

You can find our Beeactiv Brands Twitter here.

Our Crypto Gummies YouTube page and videos are here.