About Crypto Gummies Variety Pack

Crypto Gummies Variety Pack 30-count bottles include three formulations of vegan real fruit concentrate zero THC Hemp oil distillate gummies: BlueRaz Rescue, Energy Berry, and Sleepy Watermelon. Each bottle sold raises funds for bees habitat restoration and community education projects. In 2022, more about our projects and partners in doing the work will be posted here at the website blog. We are working to create collaborations with other agriculture-based organizations that will benefit the same cause towards saving bees and providing education. 

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Why are Crypto Gummies special?

Why are Crypto Gummies Variety Pack bottles special? B Activ Vegan brand was forged to create and direct profits to do our part and help to restore bee habitats and educate communities about bees. We are special compared to other gummies brands because of our vegan real fruit concentrates gummies and premium Hemp oil distillates with zero THC. Crypto Gummies Variety Pack product is intended to provide you with a genuinely gourmet real fruit Hemp oil gummy experience at a great value. We know that purchasing three different bottles to gain three different formulations is expensive. Our solution is to give you all three formulations in a single bottle. Additionally, you can pay for our products with cryptocurrencies. Thank you to Dash team for their early support.


Meet Reserve Infusibles

While researching and trying gummies from around North America, we finally found the only producer of vegan real fruit concentrates gummies in the U.S.A. located in South Carolina, Reserve Infusibles. We have built trust with Reserve Infusibles because of their “no compromises” attitude. They have been 100% supportive of our work to create the bee-saving B Activ Vegan gummies brand.

Remote workers and members of Work-From-Home communities, like those from Dash Community, inspired the three formulations in every Crypto Gummies Variety Pack bottle.

Now that we had the gummies to sell, we wanted to help our gummy eaters (like you!) to maximize cost-savings and give them back value from their purchase. We instantly decided that it would be supremely fun to create gourmet real fruit vegan Hemp oil gummies that you could buy with digital assets. 

A Gourmet Beeutiful Story

Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott is our brand manager and also the person who established B Activ Vegan and the Crypto Gummies Variety Pack multi-formulations bottle concept. Crypto Gummies Variety Pack products are sold to raise funds needed to restore bees habitats, and to educate communities about what should be done to support bees.

In 2011, Alisha first learned about the role of bees in this world. Since then, protecting bees and healing the food supply chain remain her daily passions and obsession. Alisha loves the "bees work" lifestyle and invites you to join her to become educated about the issues and threats to pollinators. The value system we subscribe to allows businesses to create income for reasons like saving bees and education of communities.

At the proverbial Table of Humanity, the Crypto Gummies Variety Pack bottle is at the core of a value system that makes a place for Bees. For a brighter future, bees and other pollinators of food supply chains and gardens must be protected and saved. Crypto Gummies Variety Pack all started with an idea to create a company that makes money to save bees and restore pollinator habitats. Then, we would need to sell a product that is helpful for people buy it. What should be sold? We decided on premium specialized zero THC Hemp oil gummies in high doses.

Why We Support Bees

There are over 24,000 types of bees living on Mother Earth and all types of bees are going extinct. Bees are humanity’s most important food supply chain pollinator. Bees are dying faster than they can reproduce, and money is needed to invest in this cause. And, we like to collaborate! Together with our teammates at Reserve Infusibles and Dash digital cash, a new dawn for raising funds for good causes begins. 

Crypto Gummies Variety Pack flavors were formulated to be the finest high dose Hemp oil gummy available on the market. Specifically, BlueRaz Rescue is going to be world-famous! This particular gummy is the vegan zero THC CBD gummy of our dreams! Other brands with 25mg CBD and lower require that you eat multiple gummies to gain the same effect. Save your stash when you switch to Crypto Gummies Variety Pack.

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    More About Crypto Gummies

    Beeactiv Brands presents B Activ Vegan brand. With our launch we welcome you to a new chapter in the story of vegan gummies quality and purpose. Beeactiv Brands is a non-profit corporation doing business as B Activ Vegan brand from which Crypto Gummies Variety Pack are sold. We are proud to release a 30-count Crypto Gummies Variety Pack bottle featuring high dose gummies with zero THC Hemp oil distillate in three formulations.

    Crypto Gummies three gourmet Hemp oil formulations are vegan with real fruit and zero THC. Our gourmet vegan Hemp oil gummies are produced in South Carolina at the Reserve Infusibles facility. Theirs is the only real fruit Hemp oil gummies production facility of its kind in the U.S.A. It is because of their prestigious work, every purchase of a Crypto Gummies Variety Pack bottle includes a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy. 

    What Happens Now?

    Thank you for reading about Crypto Gummies Variety Pack. Wow! With so much going on we are certainly optimistic and acting on it that the best is yet to BEE!

    Here are some options for what you can do now: