Winning! Gifted a F.A.B.R.I.C. Fashion Incubator Scholarship! - - - a feel good COVID Story

A Personal Narrative by Beeactiv Brands CEO, Alisha Forrester Scott

Now things are lightening up in my parts of the world and lockdown is becoming a bad word it seems because everyone thinks they've already had either COVID or the shot.

It is true that it has taken 2 years to get back here to this moment now. From where my projects were going right before COVID lockdown, is totally a different place then where I am now 2 years later.

More importantly though is that the circle of fate has swung me back around right into the same project I was working on when lockdown first came. This is a little mention about this topic of (an actual) sustainable fashion project called Pair Your Devices started in late 2019 and launched Spring 2020. Ugh!

In an attempt to raise funds for bees habitat restoration, during that time in 2019 and early 2020, I had spent a lot of time and energy to launch the Pair Your Devices "Hemp Tshirt" concept right as lockdown was put on all of us in Arizona. There was no way at first that Tshirts I needed (in Texas) were being manufactured.

Then, The idea of releasing Tshirts while everyone was at-home seemed somehow a waste. I decided not to pursue the idea, and have delayed it. There are a few folks that still deserve to get the Tshirts they ordered. I am committed that they will get double what they thought! They have been very kind!

Essentially, I wanted to have a Tshirt raise funds for bees habitat restoration projects. From earlier work, I own a Trademarked screen-printed design that is all-ready to go called "Pair Your Devices." The design features drawings of human brain and heart organs connected together via a common electronics wire. 

Why did I seemingly "QUIT" the Pair Your Devices Hemp Tshirt project before until now?

The hard part is that - it is really that the more I learn about fashion - even domestic fashion - leads me to believe that owning the supply chain and design processes are vital to a modern Tshirt business's success. Now, I have great news that will allow me to restart the Pair Your Devices Tshirt project.

FABRIC Fashion Incubator Tempe Arizona

In my home town of Tempe AZ, I applied to FABRIC Fashion Incubator for a Scholarship to their incredible FABRIC Apparel Entrepreneur program, which is a full professional education in sustainable fashion development.

They are known for supporting top designers launch highly-successful brands and products while offering remarkable support and top technologies on-site. Including, print on demand technology which eliminates a lot of otherwise typical fashion waste.

CLICK HERE for FABRIC membership programs page.

CLICK HERE for FABRIC website home page.

Woo Hoo! I have been awarded a Scholarship to the FABRIC Apparel Entrepreneur program! I now will have my program fee CUT by $300/monthly, which is the majority of the program's cost! "THANK YOU!" to the Leadership at FABRIC for this opportunity!

CLICK HERE to see my new Directory Listing at FABRIC Incubator. =)

This resurgence of the Pair Your Devices brand fashion line will now happen under the Beeactiv Brands heading, the same company raising funds for bees habitat restoration and community education, also makes the Crypto Gummies product, we can now sustainably design and manufacture eco-friendly Tshirts and garments. Our "Pair Your Devices" brand name will at first be intended for hot-weather climates. Then other labels for athletics and leisure designs will follow.

With the support of this FABRIC Apparel Entrepreneur program which I am entering, I will have access to everything needed to give a consistent and beautiful, well-managed eco-sustainable fashion brand, to customers and to the future generations. The same mission to sell the Tshirts to raise funds for bees is still the same.

More information will be released as I go. Thank you for reading!

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