NEW Crypto Gummies and Bees podcast at Create Clarity with Charity

Recently, I was given an opportunity to meet with Charity Brown of Now Answer Group for a recorded conversation about the confluence of business and bees. Specifically, to highlight my new Crypto Gummies Variety Pack vegan real fruit zero THC Hemp oil distillate gummies product, which raises funds for bees habitat restoration and community education.

Create Clarity with Charity Alisha Bee Crypto Gummies and Bees

Links to Podcast:

There are two versions of the conversation, audio-only and audio-video. The write-up for the podcast from Charity's Apple Podcast page is below. Charity has 34 episodes available for your listening and learning enjoyment. The length of my conversation with Charity is 48 Minutes.

Coupon Offer:

If you are interested to try a bottle of Crypto Gummies Variety Pack with 3 formulas inside (AM, PM and Anytime), you can be sure to use Charity's code to save $9 at check-out: charitybrowncryptogummies. Or, you can CLICK HERE to have the code auto-load into the browser and shop as usual.

"Create Clarity with Charity" Podcast Description:

Are you ready to be the best that you can be? On the Create Clarity with Charity podcast, hybrid business coach and consultant Charity Brown and her guests give you behind the scenes access to the insider tips and tricks that will help you take your business to the next level. Charity’s extraordinary approach to boosting businesses to break out of their molds, influence their industries, and become leaders of their packs. On this podcast, she will pass this inspiring knowledge on to you! Learn how to change your game, and build your business into what you’ve always dreamed of, right here on Create Clarity with Charity.

"The Business of Crypto Gummies and Bees" Podcast Description:

Alisha Forrester Scott is the CEO of the Beeactiv Brands and the Crypto Gummies Variety Pack, an organic made, vegan, real fruit gummies with 0% THC Hemp oil distillates CBD, CBG and CBN. The product is sold to raise funds to support bee habit restoration and community education projects. She is concerned about soil toxicity, the food supply and the impact upon large bodies (the human population) and the small bodies of bees. Her vision is to integrate her business knowledge and green technology to preserve the wellness of the environment for us all.

Tune in as Charity and Alisha discuss:

  • How self-discovery occurred by taking ownership and control over her life.
  • Articles she has written to educate the general public about eco-friendly projects to save bees and the environment.
  • How her personal concerns about the food supply and safety of bee population started her journey to community activism.
  • The ingredients and effectiveness of the three formulations of the Crypto Gummies variety package designed as a healthy alternative for pain relief, energy and insomnia.
  • How entrepreneurs can keep moving forward when they encounter challenges along their journey.




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