Jingle ALL the Ways - Listen to Our New Jingle and Meet Su

The holiday season is exciting but sometimes we just want to slow down and chill out. One of the ways that helps us to chill out the most is experiencing a BlueRaz Rescue while listening to music.

As we consider how-to communicate the best features of our vegan Crypto Gummies to the world outside, more than anything we appreciate the artists which make our ideas come to life. This past month since our launch at the end of October 2021 has been fast-paced and filled with various musical and art projects.

One of our favorite new musical art projects is the creation of a jingle that communicates the goodness of Crypto Gummies. In order to make this project come-to-life we hired our first a several independent musicians from a professional online platform. We have multiple ideas for what a Crypto Gummies jingle could sound like, and decided we should have multiple artists help us on our way.

Image of Su Huong below is from her professional work profile.

Su Huong songwriter and musician

Recently, our first new Crypto Gummies jingle was finished. The project itself will be a big success because of the expertise and creativity of the artist, Su Huong from Vietnam. The jingle plays for 34-seconds, and in it Su plays a small stringed instrument called the ukulele and also sings. Working with Su to ensure that the song's lyrics were perfect was made easier because of her songwriting and musical abilities. It only took one round of changes to finish the song.

A new video to accompany this jingle is being made and we will be pleased to debut the finished concept. We wish for this new video and jingle to become a tune and lyrics that anyone can enjoy remembering and singing. For now, a temporary sing-along video with the lyrics has been posted at our new YouTube Channel.

Sing-Along Video

Watch the sing-along video below from our YouTube Channel to hear Su singing and playing.

Interview with Su Huong

We have asked Su to answer some questions about herself and musicianship. She agreed and here below we are pleased to share the Q&A Interview with Su Huong, the artist who made our newest jingle. 

Crypto Gummies asks Su Huong: Is there anything about your musical training or experience that most people would not know about?

Su Huong: I think people don't know that I'm a Vietnamese singer and songwriter. A lot of my customers think I'm a Hawaiian at first 😊

CG: Who are the top artists (musicians/performers) that influence your work?

Su Huong: There are so many artists I love, but I think My Linh (a Vietnamese artist), Jack Johnson, and my parents are the most influencers on my work.

CG: If you can have your fans remember somethings about you what would they be?

Su Huong: Friendly and Honest.

CG: What got you into music and songwriting?

Su Huong: I've been singing and making poems since I was a little girl. I think my parents teach me. My dad plays guitar sometimes and my mom can sing very well.

CG: Do you know about bees or do you have any connection to bees?

Su Huong: Yes, there are honeybees in my garden sometimes. They are beautiful and very friendly 😇

CG: What do you think of the Crypto Gummies project?

Su Huong: I think Crypto Gummies is an interesting brand where you can enjoy your favorite gummies and raise funds to save the bees. Especially, you can buy them with Dash cash.

CG: What is your favorite My Linh song?

Su Huong: Huong Ngoc Lan is my favorite.

CG: Favorite Jack Johnson song?

Su Huong: Upside Down is my favorite.

CG: Have you ever been to Hawaii? Would you like to go to one of the Hawaiian islands? Which one?

Su Huong: I haven't been to Hawaii and of course, I'd love to go there one day. Hawaii islands are very beautiful and I'd love to visit them all.

CG: Why the ukulele?

Su Huong: I play guitar as well but the ukulele gives a happier vibe, it makes people who listen to my jingle feel happy and relaxed.

CG: Do you ever have dreams about playing music?

Su Huong: Yes, I do. 😊

To Contact Su Huong for your project

CLICK HERE to reach Su at her professional work profile.


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