Gummies Go Global - Press Release with Dash Cryptos at Yahoo! Finance

This week, we are proud and grateful to see news of Crypto Gummies go GLOBAL! From our first-ever mentions in a press release with Dash cryptos at Yahoo Finance, to collaborative social posts at Twitter, to an article posted at, news of our gourmet vegan Crypto Gummies Variety Pack is spreading. 

Right before the end of 2021, we traveled with Crypto Gummies Variety Pack bottles and samples to a finance conference in El Salvador. The Dash cryptos team worked with us to extend vegan gummies to conference goers, and the result was amazing! This quote shown below is from Dash Core Group's Business Development Manager, Omar Hamwi.

“We are excited to announce this partnership with Crypto Gummies. Working in the fast-paced, 24/7 crypto space can take a toll on the body and mind. Crypto Gummies was initially created to address said toll for the crypto industry." The Dash team witnessed the popularity of the gummies firsthand. "During a major conference, a friend of our team provided samples and bottles for purchase. Crypto enthusiasts would stop by, grab a sample, and leave. The next hour, we'd see them again, back to buy a bottle for themselves. The entire shipment of Crypto Gummies bottles sold out within the first day of the conference. We absolutely knew we wanted to be the first cryptocurrency partner of Crypto Gummies.”

Excerpt from new article at

Why did Dash partner with Crypto Gummies?

So, why did Dash decide to team up with the project? Crypto Gummies provided the answer on its own. Apparently, Dash decided that this can be a delicious way to support its growing community. These days, with the COVID-19 pandemic still raging throughout the world, there are plenty of remote workers. Not to mention work-from-home communities, including Dash’s own community.

Dash can now not only help support these members of its community, but also help them find a way to relax and enjoy their day after spending hours and hours working from home. On top of that, it can maximize cost-savings, and give users back value from their purchases.

With Our Thanks!

Dash is the first cryptocurrency in the world to outwardly support bees, and with their public support, we hope that many other digital asset companies will begin to do the same. Thank you to Dash cryptos for their support of the Crypto Gummies Variety Pack mission and the bees! 

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