Work From or Stay At Home? There's a Gummy for That.


Have you seen the initialism "W.F.H."? W.F.H. means Work From Home. Our vegan gummies formulations were inspired by W.F.H. communities like you and us.

Each of our NEW real fruit Crypto Gummies formulations are intended to support the needs of Work from Home communities. Our products contain zero THC and are broad-spectrum Hemp oil distillate.

    BlueRaz Rescue Crypto Gummies Variety Pack CBD Hemp Oil Distillate Vegan Gummies


    Three formulations are found in each Crypto Gummies Variety Pack 30-count botte and every 9-piece Sample Pack:

    1. BlueRaz Rescue (blue gummy) provides "Any Time support" (A.M. or P.M.) and features a high dose of CBD Hemp oil distillate. We are proud to be among the first to offer a 100mg CBG piece. Our Hemp oil is grown in the U.S.A. to address inflammation and stress. There is zero THC in any of our products. 

    2. Energy Berry (red gummy) provides "Day Time support" (A.M.) and features green caffeine from coffee beans. Then, it is paired with CBG oil distillate. The result is a gentle yet solid energy boost. There is zero THC in our Hemp gummies. 

    3. Sleepy Watermelon (green gummy) provides "Evening Time support" (P.M.) and was formulated for restful times. This gummy features CBN oil distillate for an easier way to relax. Also contains CBD and CBG Hemp oil distillates. Our Hemp-derived gummy has zero THC.

    Crypto Gummies Variety Pack by B Activ Vegan hemp oil distillate vegan gummies

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