Announcement of Video Podcast with Charity Brown and Now Answer Group

Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington has endorsed her, and now we are so proud to be working with success consultant, Charity Brown of "Create Clarity with Charity" 2022 podcasts series on behalf of Now Answer Group.

Together, this February 2022, we are releasing a video podcast interview in which Charity is editing together our best moments from the conversation about how bees (pollinators) and our premium gourmet vegan zero THC Crypto Gummies Variety Pack are related. We will post the video link here at our Blog as soon as possible.

Thank you to Charity Brown for her early support of the B Activ Vegan Mission and Vision and her commitment to help save bees through sales of Crypto Gummies Variety Pack bottles.

CLICK HERE for the $9 off coupon with thanks to Charity. Simply click into our shop and check-out with the product package you want. The $9 off coupon auto loads to make your Crypto Gummies shopping experience pleasant. 

  • Some details of this link and coupon to clarify: * Only US customers can shop with us currently. This will change this year and next.
  • Here is the gummies’ Twitter account.  Are you at Twitter? 

CLICK HERE to visit Charity's business website Now Answer Group

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