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There is only one company in the world that impresses us with their attractive tennis shoe styles made from Hemp and strong Vulcanized rubber soles; introducing HempShoe and MAAFAA Designs.

Starting this Summer 2022, there are several styles of shoes that we have exclusive access to sell and market from here in the USA and then Mexico. We have selected to work with MAAFAA Designs because of their attention to detail and direct access to manufacturers that are paid fairly.

Our work with the MAAFAA Designs CEO will allow us to sell a range of HempShoe and MAAFAA Designs lines and sew exciting new fashion and accessories patterns. We are working to "WALK THE TALK" and our Team is planning to also have Hemp suits made, from MAAFAA Designs. 

The collaboration between us to sell HempShoe pairs to interested customers in the USA is just what we have been wishing for! Soon, our Team at Beeactiv Brands will be walking around in and wearing "guilt-free" Hemp shoes direct from the Designer-as-source. The shoes will be sold for $65-125 per pair with Limited Edition.

More details coming soon. 

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