New Teammate and Fun Updates

We are Welcoming Christi, our new Shipping Clerk working from Arizona. She is joining us to prepare and mail orders of our delicious B Activ Vegan line vegan gummies to you. Christi is also going to be doing some inside network sales on occasion. Her status as an Independent Contractor will allow her flexibility to work at her own pace. We will be starting up a few new marketing programs and inspire people to order Crypto Gummies. Our goal is to keep Christi busy! 

Our office still ships using USPS, and sometimes UPS. There were some challenges with shipping over this past Winter season. We appreciate everyone who has had to be patient because of this.

The Crypto Gummies Variety Pack bottles are still available. You can pay for the product with cryptocurrencies if you want to. We work with Dash to promote our gummies. The Dash Mission includes to provide payments solutions and point of sale ease and convenience to all shoppers, on and offline. 

For those of you who know or have heard about cryptocurrencies, blockchains, or digital assets, there is so much to know. Our goal in accepting cryptocurrencies such as Dash digital cash was originally to make purchases online less expensive. But now, we are actively working to become ambassadors of information about Dash's incredible retail payments programs.

Dash digital dash 

Recently, I had the pleasure to connect with the Content Marketing Manager at Dash. Our goal was to find cohesive and a direction to take, to create a gummies giveaway contest, do something artsy. This Spring, we are working to plan and launch some FUN online that may result in your winning FREE CRYPTO GUMMIES and a VIP Prize Package with a ton of other goodies.

The Crypto Gummies Variety Pack was formulated with three separate AM, PM, and Anytime formulas in delicious real fruit vegan gummies. AM gummy is Energy Berry. PM gummy is Sleepy Watermelon. Anytime gummy is BlueRaz Rescue, with a world-famous 100mg CBD per gummy piece. 

What is happening this Spring 2022? I want to leverage the Crypto Gummies' three special formulations to support members of Work-From-Home Communities.

To entertain and inform, I am intending to release some new promotional materials soon. Including, music videos, new video testimonials, and new product announcements. We cannot wait for more people to try our delicious vegan real fruit zero THC Hemp oil distillate Crypto Gummies Variety Pack.

CLICK HERE to purchase your Crypto Gummies first bottle.

If you have tried the Crypto Gummies Variety Pack sample or purchased a bottle, you are invited to CLICK HERE and review. Your experience and voice matters to others that are considering to purchase. Thank you for your early support of our product line. Your support is sincerely appreciated. 

One of our favorite projects coming up is centered around the new Crypto Gummies product jingle that was written and produced by Su Huong earlier this year. I coordinated keywords and final order for lyrics, and Su made a creative and memorable song about our gummies!

CLICK HERE to hear a sneak preview of the jingle. We will be debuting details about a new music video featuring this jingle this coming Spring 2022. FUN is in our shared future!

Crypto Gummies Variety Pack inspired by work from home communities
Don't Forget: Soon, we will make announcement about new flavors of our popular formulas. We are super excited about what is about to happen with this!

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