Bees Work Is Our Thing. Wait, what is Bees Work?

Crypto Gummies Variety Pack

As big fans of fruit, we dedicate our B Activ Vegan product line to the bees. Bees pollinate fruit including ingredients in Crypto Gummies Variety Pack. 

It was back in 2011, our CEO Alisha "Bee" learned about bees and the food supply chain. She was baffled at how small bees were, but how big of a job they did in pollinating the human and animal food supply chains. Alisha wishes that everyone will be more curious about the 24,000+ types of bees on the planet and help to save them.

The major way our company gives back is to take the major portion of each profit of sales, and spend directly on bees and community education projects. We work each day to raise awareness and funds for "bees work". 

As our product becomes popularized, we will be able to post more regularly online and at this website. We will be sure to share stories about the types of bees and community education projects happening. Including, with results of how things are going on each project.

Thank you for your support and word-of-mouth sharing. We appreciate your interest in our brand and cause. Please enjoy the gummies and know that the best is yet to bee!

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